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The Synagogue in Rijeka

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In 1928 the alliance of orthodox Israelis bought the land in Via Galvani street (nowadays Ivan Filipović street). They had the incentive to build an „orthodox” synagogue with the aim of bringing together the young for educational discussions, prayer and reflections.


„The small orthodox school synagogue” was built according to plans by the architect G. Angyal and P. Fabbr, without any decorations or symbols on the facade, which is asymmetric and covered by stone and red brick. This gives it a noticeably colourful appearance still today.

The synagogue in Rijeka, a valuable monument of Jewish culture and tradition, is one of three synagogues in the Republic of Croatia which „survived” the Second World War, it has been saved from total or part destruction and preserved from being re-adapted.

The synagogue today is primarily a valuable monument and it is the center of the Jewish community in Rijeka.

The final construction is in fact the third option of the architects Angyal and Fabbr, which in spite of small changes kept its ideal spirit of the project. The inside of the temple is divided into the entrance area and the area for ceremonies. The rhythm of three windows in the side wall is repeated in the interior in three proportional area units. Two of these areas make up the ceremonial area together with the balcony over the third unit, of the separate entrance area. This balcony „esrat naschim” is dedicated to the women as they had to be separated from the men, so they were hidden behind a grid partition. During the ceremony the believers are facing „aaron-k-kodeshu”, the place where the Tora (Holy Book) is kept. The Rabbi and his two assistants, Kantor and Hazan, face the same direction, towards the east. They are on a prominent, raised platform – „bima”.

The only interior decoration is an illustrated wreath directly under the roof and a stylised vegetative relief under the level of the window.


The interior of the synagogue was restored during 2006 according to the project of the architect Vladi Bralić.


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